Hosting a special event is a big undertaking.


Whether you're planning an annual gala, client appreciation, or anniversary milestone, it takes many resources to pull off a successful event that everyone can be proud of.


Let's round out your event planning team.


We'll combine our years of experience with your values and vision to create a unique and memorable event that will wow your guests.

A successful event typically takes 8-12+ months to plan and hundreds of hours of valuable time.  We'll be your strategic partner to handle the logistics, so that you can focus your time on the many other things that require your attention.  
Services May Include:
Regular Planning Meetings
Budget Setting + Expense Tracking
Finding a Venue
Curating Your Vendor Team
Contract Negotiation + Review
Total Management of Venue/Vendor Communications
Transportation and Accommodations Management
Program Development
Stage Management
Strategic Event Design
Event Day Management
And more...
Types of Events:
Anniversary Milestones
Appreciation Events
Holiday Parties 
Gala Fundraisers
Donor Events
Grand Openings
And more...
We also offer consulting and a la carte services for corporations and organizations that have a more robust team in place, and simply need a little direction and support in specific areas of special event production. Inquire to learn more!
We recommend allocating 10 - 13% of your overall budget toward bringing in an event partner.
How is Pricing Determined?
We assess a flat rate project management fee for our time.  We do not charge a percentage of your total expenses or mark up other services. To determine a flat fee, we take into account a number of things, including: where you are in the process, service level, location(s), guest count, and complexity of logistics.  After we connect to learn about your event, we put together a custom service proposal. 
We offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations

How are your services different than a venue coordinator or catering manager?

This is a big one. All three are critical to the success of your event, but we all have different focuses. There's a misconception that wedding planning services are a luxury and not a necessity. That couldn't be more wrong, and I will break down why: Your venue coordinator's primary focus is managing activities taking place within the space, and manage the space from a facility and operational point of view, first and foremost. Your catering manager's primary focus is to manage the food and beverage experience. Much of the timeline falls on the shoulders of the caterer, and out of necessity, they step in to manage it. You're spreading your catering manager very thin when they're asked to coordinate their staff, the many other vendors on site, and you the client, with any last minute needs that may arise. Our primary focus is simple - it's you. We work with you to determine your priorities and expectations for your event, and then we make them happen. It's as simple as that. The bottom line: when there isn't a designated event planner present who is exclusively focused on managing the overall quality of experience, your other vendors need to step in and collectively play this role. But, it is not (and should not be) their primary focus. Their focus should be capturing incredible images, providing the absolute best food service possible, or playing the right songs at just the right moments.

Will working with a planner save us money?

It absolutely can. Hiring a planner is a front-loaded investment with long-term benefits and savings throughout the entire process. While I can't make any promises, I can confidently say that I have saved every single one of my clients money - equal to the amount of my cost of services - or more. But more importantly, I've saved them time and their peace of mind.

How do you compare to other planners in Greater Boston?

Every planner offers a unique set of experiences, skills, and values. We all have different backgrounds, approaches, and personalities as well. There is a planner out there for every budget and every style, and it's super important that you not only identify your need for a planner, but identify the right fit. We are not branded as a luxury service and do not charge luxury prices. However, our years of professional experience are reflected in the price tag. We aim to be accessible, without compromising on value and integrity of our work. The saying "You get what you pay for" is definitely true in the event industry. It certainly pays to invest in a quality, professional service at the earliest stages of planning. Every planner is different, so we always encourage our clients to shop around to ensure their planner is the perfect fit for them.

When is the right time to book?

It's never too early. For full service planning, the earlier the better. For other services, all we need to know is your date, venue, and anticipated guest count! Saturday dates during the popular months of May - October can book out a year or more in advance. We only book one event per week/weekend.

Do you travel?

We do! We are happy to travel for weddings and events throughout New England. Travel outside of the Northeast Region will depend on lead time and availability. All travel expenses are built into our flat rate fee.

What's required to book with you?

A signed contract and non-refundable retainer are required to reserve your date and make it official! When we issue a proposal for services, it's valid for a 2 week period, during which we will notify you if another inquiry comes in for your date and give you 48 hours before your date is released. The non-refundable retainer is 25 - 50% of the overall fee, depending on the project scope.

Are you insured?

Sure are! We carry general liability and personal property insurance.

Just click the button below, fill out our quick contact form, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours. Your first consultation is complimentary so that we can hear all about your celebration.


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