Toasting Tips for Your Wedding

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here are three key tips for successful toasting at your wedding reception!

1. Consider placement during the reception. Depending on how many toasts you're expecting + who the toast givers are, I typically recommend only 1-2 pre-dinner toasts (done after introductions + first dance), and 1-2 toasts that in between or after entrée service. I do not recommend stacking all of your toasts pre-dinner service. Toasts can be wildly unpredictable, and from a guest's perspective I wouldn't want to spend longer than 10-15 minutes seated at my table before moving onto dinner service and getting a refill on my adult beverage.

2. Discuss length with your toast givers. Ask that they keep their toast to a max of 2-3 minutes (they will always go over) and to rehearse it in advance. If you are focused on getting the most of your dance floor time, long toasts are the #1 way to eat into your time spent partying. Let your toast givers know that you'd love for them to say a few *brief* words, because you want to prioritize getting on the dance floor with everyone. If you feel that anyone can't commit to keeping their toast brief or if you have more than 3 toast givers, ask for them to share some stories at the rehearsal dinner instead!

3. Set the scene and discuss sound. Talk to your DJ/Band about providing a wireless handheld mic so that your toast givers can stand with you at your sweetheart or head table. It will allow your documentary team to light and capture everything in one frame, and will give your toast givers a sense of comfort by standing by your side. A win-win!